This month our featured story is about an amazing program called Peer Parent Advocate. As you know East Valley Family Services has many programs to meet the various needs of our community. What is even more fantastic is how these programs can work together in order to form a one-stop shop for those needs. This is the case with the Peer Parent Advocate Program and the Family Resource Center.  The Peer Parent Advocate Program works in assisting families through the re-unification journey with their child/children. Through this journey family units have expressed the need for necessities like ID's, birth certificates, bus passes for doctor's appointments or employment, application assistance such as the Energy Assistance Program, Energy Share for a Southwest Gas bill, WIC appointment assistance and much more. This is when a Peer Parent Advocate refers a family to the Family Resource Center for a full assessment of needs. We are pleased to announce the Peer Parent Advocate Program had its first Reunification Brunch where families had an opportunity to come and re-unite with their advocates and really touch on the positive and challenging areas regarding re-unification. The most touching part of this event was the personal testimonies about the programs from the families themselves. Two judges who support the programs were present as well. Partnerships and programs working side by side to make a difference in the lives of children and their families. That is something we will always be proud of here.