Senior Respite

The Differential Response Family Support team works together with Clark County Child Protective Services (CPS) to assess families who are in need of community support and assistance. The DR program is designed to help families (all referred through the Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline) break the cycle of CPS involvement without removing children.

The Differential Response team makes home and school visits based on the reports made to the CPS Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline and offers various types of assistance based on the nature of the report. During these assessment visits, the family may be referred to other services in our local area, but most families benefit from this type of early intervention. Our assessment focuses on the family’s unique strengths and needs.

Our goal is to reduce the risk of future CPS involvement and provide unique family interventions that allow the family to move forward independently and productively and avoid future CPS investigations. The program assists approximately 60 families per month.

The Differential Response Team responds to Tier-3 CPS Reports that involve children of all ages. These Reports include:

  1. Educational Neglect
  2. Medical Neglect
  3. Environmental Neglect
  4. Inadequate Supervision
  5. Inadequate Shelter
  6. Inadequate Food
  7. Lockout (age 13 and above)


Contact (702) 693-6997