The Bears and Binkies Program

The Bears and Binkies program is an eight week experience for parents and children together promoting positive relationships for parents and young children in a supportive developmentally appropriate environment. Families of children in at-risk schools or areas are the targeted participants but anyone can participate.  

The Bears and Binkies positive parenting program focuses on teaching parents how to be positively engaged with their child/children. Working from the Love and Logic learning model, parents and children are given hands on activities that teach patience, positive discipline, and the importance of ongoing engagement with each other. The teaching environment is also designed to be a place where parents are encouraged to build support systems amongst each other. Parents are given an opportunity to communicate their parenting challenges, new ideas and what they are utilizing from class to be better parents in their home and ultimately in society. The six protective factors are a main focus for the Bears and Binkies Program. Parents are given a retrospective survey at the end of each class session that shows their evolving roles as parents during the course of 8 weeks. As parents reach the goal of becoming better parents, a Teddy Bear Adoption Ceremony is held where families adopt a teddy bear and receive a certificate of adoption as a symbol of their journey and upcoming success as a new improved parent.

Call our office to find out about current and upcoming classes 702-631-7098.