Senior Respite

If you or someone you know is over the age 55, and is the primary caregiver for a relative's child, you need to know about Senior Respite.2195431 s

Respite is essential to mental, physcial and economic wellness of "second time" parents. We can help you meet the challenge of parenting by offering up to 16 hours per month of childcare at no cost to you. That's time you can use for you! Run errands, take a class, take in a movie, make appointments or just relax for a few hours. A rested and relaxed caregiver may be the best caregiver.

This respite program provides an opportunity to rest and regroup for caretakers who are responsible for young children. If you are 55 years of age or older, caring for a relatives' child with proof of custody, then respite care is available to help you as a caretaker during this challenging time.

This program is by appointment only. A support group is also available.

For more information, call us at:

Senior Respite: (702) 920-6515

Funding provided by Division of Aging & Disability Services.