During the month of September our featured story is about a single mom who was referred by one of our outreach sites. This outreach site is one of many local elementary schools in the East area. The mother was referred directly by the principal of the school.  This mom explained she has been working  2 jobs and is raising 3 children on her own. She was recently laid off one of her jobs and is now working a maximum of 10 hours a week. Mom explained that she is a hard worker and she never anticipated anything like this could ever happen to her. She explained she has always worked to provide for her children. One of her biggest struggles is that while she is consistently interviewing for employment, she is being told she is over qualified.  She began to shed tears as she said she has never needed help before.  The Family Support Caseworker told the client the goal of the Family Resource Center was never to hinder a client, but to help them. The client responded by stating she appreciated being able to come to a place that takes time with their clients. It was at that point the she and her Family Support Caseworker began to assess her needs and form a plan of action to assist the client and her family during this un-expected time of need. The client received an application to apply for the Energy Share Program, she received a food voucher for a local church. The green cross program through Nevada Energy was explained as one of her children requires electricity for a medical device. Information for a childcare program entitled TAPS through United Way was given. A food pantry list was given and an Albertson's gift card for immediate food needs was also given. After reviewing the client's file, it was later discovered the client would be an ideal candidate for the Chance, Choice Change Program that begins in October. This is a 10 week program that promotes goals and outcomes with intense case management. Family units are provided with weekly food during the 10 week session.  We are pleased to report the client was interviewed and accepted into that program. One day at a time, one goal at a time. We know this client is on the path to achieving the quality of life she is use to for herself and her family unit. We are pleased to be accompanying her during her journey.