Evans Family

The Evans family first came to East Valley Family Services in 2014. The family was referred to the Peer Parent Advocate Program for services and support.

With the assistance of East Valley Family Services and their Peer Parent Advocate the Evans family received assistance with

Bus passes
ID assistance
Utility assistance
Case plan support/management
Supervised visitations
Parenting classes
Housing assistance
Referrals for treatment/services
Employment readiness services (clothing and food handler’s card)


All of these services aided in the reunification of the parents with their four children. Despite all the adversities the parents faced they never lost sight of the prize…their children. Their children were placed with their grandmother for two years. To some their chances of reuniting with their children seemed to be an impossible feat. The Evans’ advocate worked tirelessly with a partnering agency to assist the family with obtaining an apartment. Move in day was an exciting day! Everyone was in attendance to celebrate the newly reunited family- Mom, Dad, children, grandmother, and their advocate. The children were beaming with excitement and could not wait to show their advocate their new rooms. The apartment was complete with furniture and was starting to feel like home. Everyone was so excited to get the family moved in…so much so their advocate was helping unload the moving truck!


Mom: “I never thought I would have made a lifelong friendship with Nicole (Peer Parent Advocate) – she’s family”.

“This experience has changed my life. The help of East Valley Family Services has been great and I wouldn’t have been able to make it without them”.

Dad: “Nicole did everything for me, she did the world. If it was not for East Valley Family Services, I don’t know where I would be. It’s a blessing”.

Mom said there was no greater feeling in the world than to tell her children, welcome home. She said they stayed up all night laughing until they fell asleep and says she is looking forward to doing that every night.