Hello, my name is Shameki Anderson, I have 4 small children and one on the way with due date of January 22nd 2016. If not sooner. Lol but seriously, my children and I have moved here without anything but the clothes on our back and a prayer. No knowledge of anyone nor anything due to a very serious domestic relationship I indeed needed to escape from and start life a new for the sake and wellbeing for my children and I. And with that my ex has taken everything from me but my strength and belief in the Lord which has carried my children and I here to Las Vegas, Nevada. Yet, I did not know where to start once here. But then the Lord has guided me to meet this crazy, cool worker Ms. Latoya Moon with East Valley Family Services. And since the very first day of meeting and becoming a client of E.V.F.S. my family and I have received none stop help and resources to meet my family needs and more. And I must say that my heart has been touched by the outstanding, yet, sincere help that Ms. Leah and Ms. Latoya and the agency has help with. Again, I am simply giving you guys the biggest hug from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful to be a client of this agency. Thank You E.V.F.S….

Shameki Anderson
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!