Thank you ‚ÄčEast Valley Family Services for all of your help and support.


Before this class I never used or realize the importance of a resume cover letter.  


Since I started using the cover letter I receive more job interviews.


I also learn the importance of nutrition and health by counting my calories, carbs, and salt contents. 


Last but not least I learn the importance of reading the food label to make sure of the portion size.


As a result of this class I received a job referral in which I was able to assist an employer in preparing a profit & loss statement for her business.


I also received an offer to manage a well know recording artist/singer/songwriter/producer, "RAS KRONIK".  The group is performing Live in Las Vegas, May 21st, 2016.  Tickets are on sale for $17 and you may contact me for purchase(see attached flyer of the event).


Thanks very much and I wish you continued success and support in your programming.