Success Stories

During the month of August, we had a single mother of 3 children approach us for back to school assistance. The parent works 2 jobs but was down to one on-call job due to her main source of income as a substitute teacher for Clark County School District. The parent shed tears as she asked the Family Support Specialist for help. She said she is just at a rough time in her life right now with only one job for the summer. She was waiting to hear about the outcome of her employment status for the upcoming school year and said she was afraid. She talked about how bad she felt having to ask for help for her children. She appreciated the opportunity to be heard and treated with respect. The Family Support Specialist was able to offer the Back to School Program applications for the parent. Mom was eager to fill out the application on the spot. She sat in our waiting area and cried as she filled out an application for each child. The applications were submitted and all three children were approved to receive back to school necessities. When mom received the call from the Family Support Specialist, she cried and said "thank you so much and God bless you!" The Family Support Specialist attended the back to school event on August 23rd. Mom was in tears yet again as her children received backpacks, school supplies,, clothing and a new pair of tennis shoes. Later that week, mom contacted her Support Specialist to inform her that she was contacted by a school for a long term sub position. She thanked us once again. Everyone goes through a rough patch. We are very excited when we are able to provide resources that ease those rough patches.

We are East Valley Family Services, more than help, more than hope.



Dear friends,


The 2013 holiday season is approaching quickly and families across the Las Vegas valley are already in need of holiday joy.


Last year, with the help of all of you our Adopt a Family Program was a huge success! East Valley Family Service,partnering


up with generous people like yourselves,was able to help over (150) deserving families with Christmas joy and toys. We would


like to invite you to help out again for the 2013 holiday season! For those of you who have participated in the past, we ask


that you please renew your partnership with East Valley Family Services and consider telling a friend about our Christmas


Adopt-A-Family program.  For our new friends, this is a program where you commit to assist a family with Christmas.  You


may choose the size of family you would like to help. We will send you aletter from the family, describing their needs,clothing


sizes and awish toy for each child. You will receive thisinformation by November 1st.


We cordially invite you to bring your gifts & meet your family& Santa at our annual Christmas celebration on Saturday December 21st.






JAN 2013 - A new client who recently moved to the Laughlin area came in seeking assistance with his Medicare Advantage plan. This was due to the fact that is current plan was no longer going to be available to him.  The client explained that he never did wellness checks or visited the doctor on a regular basis.  The client stated to his Family Support worker that he is 70 years old. The Family Support Worker discussed the benefits of wellness checks and encouraged the client to find providers in the Laughlin/Bullhead City area. The Family support worker listed this as a goal and asked the client to please contact her with an update. The client did return with news that he has a wellness check appointment scheduled sometime in February. We care for our clients and a key part of our case planning is showing clients how important it is to take care of themselves. 



MAR 2013 - This month we are very pleased to announce East Valley Family Services formed a partnership with Riverfund as part of a client's case plan. Riverfund is an organization that financially assists individuals who are working or seeking work in local casinos. Riverfund was able to assist the client in obtaining temporary employment as a security guard for the Annual River Run Event. Riverfund will be assisting a client with purchasing a security guard card and East Valley Family Services will be providing bus passes. This is what partnerships and quality customer service is all about. We are so glad to be a part of it. 



FEB 2013 - This month our featured story is about a senior citizen who is seeking employment. The client has visited our office on more than one occasion during the past 3 months. He always comes in with a smile on his face and a resume in hand. He has been seen by 2 Family Support case managers.  Both have encouraged him to continue his journey and to be patient. The client talks consistently about his education and how he does not want to waste time staying home. He confidently states he is more than capable and even discusses the fact that being well groomed and prepared are tools for obtaining employment. One Family Support case manager referred the client to AARP. The client was asked to come in and take a test. It turns out, the client passed the test with flying colors. We are very proud to announce the client has found employment within the AARP agency. He is grateful for our services and we are grateful to have been able to work diligently with this client to achieve true success.




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